Rocky Coastlines, Sandy Beaches, Sacred Sites, Spectacular Sunsets, Ancient Human History, Nature, Walking, Foraging, Learning, Sharing and Exploring with enthusiasm and authenticity. Enjoy the Journey...

Strandlopers is a collaboration between St Francis Bay Lodge, Captain Kev Canal and River Cruises and Aweigh Adventures, to bring you the best ‘St Francis Bay Experiences’ on offer. We realize that the chain is only as strong as the weakest link and that’s why we have created some adventures to ensure you enjoy your visit to St Francis Bay. Our facilitation of walks and adventures are sure to hit that walking-holiday sweet spot. Strandlopers provides your full package of activities, transport and recommendations, to ensure you’re in the best hands – all the time.

St Francis Bay Lodge is the perfect venue for hosting guests interested in package stays, where you are pampered and taken care of, with not a hassle in the world. Centrally situated in the Village, you don’t need transport as everything is literally within walking distance. That’s the way we like it.  The rest we take care of as ‘Team Strandlopers’, with years of tourism and hospitality experience, we are sure to provide an unforgettable time.

‘Harry the Hat’, grew up in the Kouga, home to over 165000 years of human evolution. His knowledge about relationships with nature and the stuff in our lives, makes very interesting conversations while out walking. Go on a journey that is not only sensory and physical but expand ways of being in the moment. Honor and respect is shown to sacred sites where space is created for learning and developing a sense for what it must have been like to be Strandlopers.

Go on a journey in time and forget…there is only this moment and the thoughts that come to us in the now and how we choose to react to them. Clear your mind and be entertained. Ignite interest in something new, from the time forgotten, while walking under expert guidance. Invite light into your day, as you recognize the elements, breath in salt air – cleansing your lungs. Go on a journey through time, along a unspoiled stretch of paradise, safe and taken care of… for your enjoyment. Professionally Guided Walks, St Francis Bay, Cape St Francis and surrounds.

Captain Kev, after spending years in the fine dining and hospitality industries, brings the most professional and entertaining aspects of ‘taking-care’ of people, to this happy team. Captain Kev runs the St Francis Bay Lodge and also ensures guests are dropped off and received throughout adventures. The ultimate host, making sure things flow logistically and ensuring you have what you need, before you need it, is what Kevin is great at.

Captain Kev also adds the Canal and River Cruises to our team, He is a master orator, storyteller and entertainer for our ‘Evening Feasts’ presented at the Lodge.