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An authentic outdoor experience filled with historical facts, sites & sounds. Step back into time as you visit the history of this place and its people. Join your guide for a walk along the most incredible coastline on Earth. Learn about the 'First Nations Peoples of Southern Africa', how they utilized the resources along our rocky shores; while discovering thousands of year old middens & stone tool factories left by 'Strandlopers' over time. View 'Ocean Mammals' as they pass by, scout colorful rock pools and shell laden coves along walks and plunge into a rock pool to cool down. Go deeper into nature than you've ever been before, as your expert guide unlocks secrets to this magical wonderland.

"Our Strandlopers experience was unlike any adventure we have done along our Garden Route tour. Harry, Kevin and the entire team have the whole experience down to the tee! From the knowledgeable tours to the delicious meals at local hotspots. We will definitely be back for more..."

Storm Steen (The Gypsy Project)


The Full 4 Day Strandlopers Experience

4 days


Day 1

  • Two Points Walk – Cape St Francis, Wild Side, to Granny’s Pools. (±10km)
  • Port St Francis Harbor Tour – Commercial Fishing, Industry and History.
  • Seafood Fiesta at ‘Clive’s Chocka Block’.
  • Two Harbors Walk – Coastal Dune Ecology, Land Based Whale Watching.
  • Medicinal Plants, Dune Restoration and Ecology, enthusiastically explained.
  • Granny’s Pool Swim and Shell Collecting.

This walk is facilitated in such a way as to access the ocean frequency picked up by the tuning forks of Seal Point and Shark Point, which contributes to the overall health of the region. Tune into this Solfeggio Frequency

Day 2

  • Sand River Walk – Wilderness Experience – Anthropologically significant, Isolated. (±12km)
  • Track Cape Leopard and other wildlife in sand.
  • Learn Tracking and survival skills like finding water.
  • Hour Stillness Vigil, explore the vastness…
  • Moderate Sand Walking along only Dune-System of its kind in South Africa.
  • Strandlopers Middens and Sacred Sites honored.
  • Birding Paradise – Sand filtered fresh mineral water.
  • Archaeological Sites interpreted and explained.

This walk is facilitated in a way as to appreciate the vastness of the wilderness area used by the Strandlopers in their quest for shelter and fresh water.

Day 3

  • Thyspunt Walk  – Trek from Oyster Bay to ThysPunt  – Moderate Coastal Walking (±16km)
  • Thyspunt Fishtraps – 5000 year old traps, showcasing ocean dependence on fish. Very Cool.
  • Swimming, Snorkeling and Foraging.
  • Sacred sites honored along our wild, rugged, Coastline.
  • Edible Wild Harvesting – food from the wild.
  • Medicinal Plants and Dependence on Ocean Resources.
  • Rocky shoreline and spectacular waves.
  • Rock pool exploration through Snorkeling and ‘Head Dipping’.
  • Swimming opportunities along the route.

This walk is facilitated in a way as to appreciate the preservation of ancient rock-packed, ‘Tidal Fishtraps’ and explore the rich coastal, anthropological environment.

Day 4

  • Mosterdshoek Walk – Moderate Rocky Coastal hiking (±12km)
  • Land Based Whale Watching Opportunities in season (June – Nov).
  • Medicinal Plants and Ocean Food Sources explored
  • Shell laden beaches & coves
  • Rock Pool Explorations / Snorkeling / Non Swimmers
  • Middens, Sites and Stone Tool Factories

This walk is facilitated in a way that brings out the wild side of our rugged coastline, with spectacular views, awesome beaches and incredible wildlife abound.

Get the Full Experience

Includes :  All our guided walks are facilitated at the highest professional standards,  with picnic lunches, snacks and drinks supplied during the adventures.

Every evening is ended off in the company of your hosts, reflecting on mind-blowing outdoor experiences, whilst partaking in a feast with the freshest of what St Francis Bay has to offer.

Optional extras include:

a ‘Canal Cruise’, on the best Canal System in South Africa with Captain Kev, your incredibly funny and entertaining host; and/or consider  an ‘Educational Ocean Cruise’ with ‘Harry the Hat’ and learn about the ocean from a marine education specialist, while viewing spectacular ocean events from his boat ‘Kidcat’.

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The 3 Day Strandlopers Experience

3 days


Day 1

  • Two Points Walk – Cape St Francis Wild Side to Port St Francis. (±10km)
  • Moderate Coastal Walking, Rocky and Sand.
  • Port St Francis Tour. A Harbor with a difference, Squid Industry, Fishing History and events.
  • Seafood Fiesta at Clive’s Chock a Block.
  • Two Harbors Walk – Coastal Dune Ecology, Land Based Whale Watching
  • Refreshments at Granny’s Pool / Heritage Centre.

This walk is facilitated in a way as to access the unique frequency emitted by the Ocean meeting the two peninsulas known as tuning forks and how it influences the quartz lines within the Cape Folded Mountain Belt.

Day 2

  • Sand River Walk – Wilderness Experience – Anthropologically significant, Isolated.
  • Track Cape Leopard – Footprints in the Sand
  • Hour Stillness Vigil – Facilitated Experience to explore the vastness.
  • Only Shifting Dune System of its kind in South Africa – Sand Walking, 12km
  • Survival, Tracking and Fieldcraft used by the Strandlopers.
  • Customs and Respect for Sacred Sites.

This walk is facilitated in a way as to appreciate the vastness of the wilderness. Here we access true remoteness and stillness of this unique wilderness area.

Day 3

  • Otters Landing Walk – Easy gentle coastal walk
  • Two Harbors Walk (±2km)
  • Port St Francis private harbor tour.
  • Shark point – Shifting Dunes and Middens
  • Ceremonial Grounds – Hour Stillness Vigil
  • Culturally and Historically ancient landscapes explored
  • Oldest records of humans living of the ocean anywhere on Earth.
  • Sites respected and honored.

This walk is facilitated in a way as to gain insight into the rich history of the area as long ago as the ‘Settlers of the Cape’, right to the building of the harbor and its influence on the fishing industry of St Francis Bay.

Get Some Experience

Included in this experience is a ‘picnic lunch’ presented along the spectacular walks and an ‘evening feast’ after every day presented y your hosts and one you’ll remember fondly, for a long time to come.

Optional Extras include; A ‘Canal Cruise’, presented by ‘Captain Kev’, your host throughout. His wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm is sure to put a smile on your face or;

An ‘Ocean Cruise’ with ‘Harry the Hat’. Opportunity to explore the marine environment beyond the breakers on his boat Kidcat. This 1 hour cruise to Shark Point on calm protected waters of the Bay is a fun and enriching experience.

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The Strandlopers Appetizer

2 day


Day 1

  • Otters Landing Walk from Granny’s Pool. Cape St Francis Nature Reserve.
  • Two harbors Walk – Moderate walking, Dune Thicket Ecosystem, Entertaining and Interesting.
  • Port St Francis Harbor Tour – Squid Fishing, history and tour of the Port, One of a kind harbor.
  • Otters Landing Walk – Moderate Walk, including some ‘Dune Walking’ and ‘Boulder Hopping’.

Day 2

  • Sunrise / Resonance Walk – Shark Point Walk, from Otters Landing.
  • Swim in ‘Mermaids Pools’ – Greet the Sun.
  • Snorkel and Explore Rock Pools.
  • Spectacular Scenery and Ocean events seen from protected coves along the way.
  • See Otters and land based Whale and Dolphin viewing opportunities.
  • Wildlife and birds lovingly introduced along this moderate coastal walk.

Taste the adventure

Includes Snacks on the adventure and an evening feast with your hosts and :

Optional extras include;

A Ocean Cruise of 1 hour to view sea mammals and learn more about the marine environment, along this spectacular coastline, presented by ‘Harry the Hat’, or;

An optional Sunset Canal Cruise with Captain Kev, one of the most entertaining experiences you’ll ever have. Presented  on the canals of St Francis Bay.

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